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At Onelife Health, we aim at providing women with health guidance during important life phases. We are remodelling women’s healthcare by offering accessible and relevant medical information and enhancing process optimisation via our app and our digital care platform.

Our latest product, Femisphere, guides mothers between doctor visits and connects them with healthcare professionals when needed. Users have access to certified content & recommendations, while doctors can follow patients’ progress and make therapy adjustments if needed.


Our apps are live in 25 markets and have been featured by Apple multiple times. We partner with leading organizations like the WHO and UNICEF and work with hospitals and insurances to integrate our solutions in a meaningful way.

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April 25, 2018 

Eine App alleine reicht nicht: Hamburger Unternehmen Onelife Health erweitert die als Medizinprodukt zertifizierte App Femisphere um persönliche Beratung durch professionelle Gesundheitsexperten.

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