Philips teams up with Onelife Health


As part of a low 7-digit Series ­­A funding round, Philips has acquired a minority interest in the German startup Onelife Health. The new partnership will initially focus on developing Onelife’s new app Femisphere, which guides pregnant women safely through their pregnancy and the first year of their newborn. Femisphere has been featured by Apple multiple times and is certified as a medical product.  


Using Onelife’s Femisphere app, expectant mothers can track vital signs such as their weight and blood pressure, as well as their exercise levels, sleep quality and mood in an electronic health file. The app automatically detects relevant changes and interdependencies in the data in order to provide 24/7 feedback and advice, such as whether it might be advisable to contact a medical professional. Identifying potential risks and complications at an early stage offers greater security for the health of both mother and child. In addition, it supports the communication and data sharing between patients and medical professionals, such as obstetricians and midwives. The patients can independently decide whom the grant access to their health data.


“We are very pleased to be teaming up with Philips, a company that has a global footprint and extensive experience in the health technology industry, which will enable us to expand our team and significantly accelerate our growth in 2017,” said David Schaerf, CEO of Onelife Health.


About Onelife Health

Onelife Health has been founded in 2014 by Marco Gatti and David Schaerf, former co-workers at the digital agency SapientNitro. The team was extended by the gynecologist Dr. Alenka Scholz, in 2016. Working closely with medical doctors, midwives and well-known birth clinics and organisations such as WHO and UNICEF, Onelife Health develops intelligent solutions for pregnant women as well as young mothers.


In 2016 Onelife Health launched the app Femisphere and has also developed „Intouch“ simultaneously, a dashboard that enables physicians and midwives to proactively assess relevant patient data and share exam results. Via Intouch they can directly contact their patients to offer advice or schedule appointments. Femisphere users can also share their data with any other medical professional, suach as a lactation consultant or pediatrician. In case of an emergency necessary interventions could be initiated for the safety of mother and child.