Onelife Baby launched in the App Store


Expecting mothers (and fathers) want nothing more than to look forward to their baby. The mobile health-app, Onelife Baby, which was launched in the Apple AppStore today, accompanies them throughout the pregnancy - 24 hours a day, everywhere. It helps them determine individual health risks and tells them when medical attention is needed. 

Onelife Baby is a personal medical companion for pregnant women. It helps them keep track of pregnancy-associated conditions, from mood to physical symptoms. The medical algorithm, which has been developed together with leading gynecologists and obstetricians, checks for circumstances that indicate imminent complications and instantly gives medical feedback and recommendations to help the pregnant woman understand and handle the situation or advises her to seek medical care if the situation requires it.

While in the doctor's office or in the clinic, all medical information tracked within the app is available, helping the physician with the assessment of the patient.

All data is transmitted using banking-standard encryption technologies and stored exclusively on German servers. By using biometric features of modern smartphones, access to the medical data on the phone is limited to the authorized user only. 

Onelife Baby is available for free for iPhone, and was featured as "Best new app" upon launch. 

Onelife Baby features include:

- easy tracking of typical pregnancy-associated conditions and medical data

- a diary for non-medical data, such as daily activities and special moments

- intuitive overview of the health-status of the expectant mother

- contextual algorithms and medical feedback, which have been developed and reviewed by physicians 

- secure processing of sensitive health data 

- data processing and storage on German servers exclusively 

- secure access to the medical data on the phone using biometric fingerprint recognition (Apple Touch ID) or using a PIN-code


The Onlife Baby app is the first of a series of medical companions developed by Onelife. Onelife cooperates closely with professional partners, such as the  WHO / UNICEF Initiative „“ and the Marienkrankenhaus in Hamburg, Germany.

Press Contacts:

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