Putting smart patient care in the middle through better communication 

OnelifeI intouch medical advisor

​itouch enables intelligent doctor patient communication that allows medical professionals to provide an optimal level of care, while saving time.


Between visits, patient-generated health data empowers medical teams to achieve better diagnosis and therapy compliance, specifically for risk patients.


itouch can be easily integrated with existing

software infrastructure.

Onlife Intouch Patient monitoring

For the first time ever, see what your patients are actually doing between visits. One comprehensive overview of all your connected patients including their key health statistics and pregnancy status in real time. Connections are confirmed by a TAN code by the patient.

Real-time Patient Monitoring

Onelife Intouch Patient Guidance

Active Patient


Expect higher therapy compliance by setting personalised reminders that appear as push messages on the patient's phone.

GDPR-Compliant Chat Communication

Onelife Intouch Kommunikation
Onelife Intouch communication

1-Step File Transfer

Electronic health records like ultrasound images can easily be transferred into a patient’s record via drag and drop.

Onelife Intouch Patient file transfer
Onelife Intouch Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Easily access your colleague’s shared data within one patient’s file. Additionally, patient-generated data can be seen by all health professionals who have access to the patient’s file.

itouch for medical professionals is a unified communication solution for your 
practice or hospital. 

Why you should use itouch for medical professionals:

  • Unlimited patient connections and records

  • Integrates in any software landscape

  • Free to use for medical professionals. The patient may require the premium version to use some features

  • Training and support is available in English and German.