Pregnancy is a thrilling journey. 
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Femisphere safely guides expectant mothers 

during pregnancy and their child’s first year

Femisphere pregnancy tracker

Your Beautiful Timeline

Everyday at a glance

On good and bad days, Femisphere allows you to log events like your weight, a light headache or a fun lunch with your best friend. All events will be saved as beautiful spheres for a better overview. Create a wonderful memory of your journey.

Certified Medical  Algorithm

Identifying risks

in time

Tracking your physical symptoms with Femisphere can help you and your medical team to know whether a certain symptom seems uncritical, should be mentioned at your next doctor’s appointment or requires immediate further investigation. It will also help you learn about your body and what you can do yourself to improve your situation. Simply enter your symptoms on a daily basis, and Femisphere will monitor them for you.

High Quality Content

Pregnancy and beyond

Keep up a healthy lifestyle and expand your medical knowledge

with our carefully curated selection of articles and videos. Before

and after birth, Femisphere provides personalised coaching for you

and your baby's health.

Femisphere medical content and insights on pregnancy
Femisphere secure messaging tool

Direct & Secure Communication

21st Century Communication

Femisphere offers easy and secure messaging between you and your doctor or other health advisors. Intouch provides a convenient way of communication in case of an incident, a quick question or just to confirm an appointment.

Electronic Medical Records

Experience your ultrasound images

like never before

Transferring ultrasound images from DVDs and USB drives is complex and time-consuming.  With Femisphere, ultrasound images are easily uploaded  so you can then share them with your family and friends as well as your medical team.

Femisphere easy transfer of ultrasound images
Femisphere Premium is available
as a subscription plan
Femisphere is a free app with
in-app purchases.
Femisphere Premium includes access to all premium articles and videos as well as the full use of itouch  to manage your health records and doctor communication. 
When your premium membership ends you can continue to use the basic version of Femisphere for free.



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